Rural Hospitals

We have extensive experience in cost based reimbursement from cancer facilities, former exempt facilities and critical access facilities. While the CAH is a relatively new program, the concept of cost reimbursement is as old as Medicare. Rural Medicare provisions tend to also affect many suburban providers.

We provide consulting and implementation services to our clients in the many areas affecting cost based reimbursement. A representative listing of our projects included:

  • Geographic reclassification
  • Sole Community Hospital Classification
  • Medicare Dependent Classification
  • "Hold Harmless" Strategies
  • Volume Decrease Adjustments
  • Lower of Cost or Charge appeals
  • Rural Health Clinics
  • Medicaid Rate reviews, including DSH and UPL
  • Clinic design and physician contracts
  • Focused Medicaid cost based services (Rural providers still receive cost reimbursement of most Medicaid services)

Our Critical Access Services include:

  • Cost and Rate strategic services
  • Cost Center Design
  • Interim Rate Reviews
  • Monthly and quarterly cost settlement projections
  • Critical access hospital conversions

In addition we provide our standard services of cost report preparation, and focused services as described in other sections on our web site.