Geographic Reclassification & Area Wage Index

Our approach to wage index reviews offers a combination of historical analysis of wage index data and amending of data through the appeal process. Our combination of experienced staff in large metropolitan wage index reviews, in various healthcare industries including large providers, fiscal intermediary management positions and numerous consulting firms produces an integration of compliance, reimbursement and operation factors.

Our approach to wage index reviews combines process as well as data analytics and strategies to include:

  • Strategies and assistance for geographical reclassification opportunities
  • Occupational mix reporting assistance
  • Management kick-off and feedback throughout the process
  • Validation of key wage index components
  • Detail compilation assistance
  • Evaluation of internal data capture and reporting processes
  • Integrated approach and findings affecting other potential areas of reimbursement such as home office, related party and non-reimbursable areas
  • Provider representation and communications with fiscal intermediary and CMS throughout the appeal process
  • Findings and Recommendations for data gathering, reimbursement and operational strategies impacting wage index factors and ultimately reimbursement