Firm Structure


Was founded in 1981 and is a registered public accounting firm in Texas. Our firm is a member of the Private Companies Practice Section of the AICPA, and we have a professional peer review by an independent CPA every three years. Our most recent peer review was an unqualified opinion for our year ending 2008. Due to various state laws and regulations we do not offer attest functions outside the State of Texas.


DHCG is an wholly owned affiliate offering various regulatory consulting and advisory services, including Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement and appeals, throughout the southern United States. DHCG has developed various strategies for Medicaid supplemental payment programs which currently fund approximately $150 million of new supplemental dollars to Texas Hospitals. DHCG also has worked with restructuring troubled hospitals, including providing oversight and lender compliance. DHCG is the managing member of Discovery Medical Network, Inc. DHCG is not a registered public accounting firm.


DMN is a Texas non-profit 119.001(b) physician organization. DMN was formed as a multi-location entity to provide an employment model in lieu of contracted physician services. Due to the IRS's current position on contract services, DMN has provided an alternative way to recruit and retain physicians in Texas. DMN is contracting various physician services to rural health clinics, private clinics, and hospital emergency rooms. DMN offers full benefit management, malpractice insurance, and retirement benefits. DHCG is the managing member of DMN.